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The Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Summer

Updated:2015-04-15 16:02:48   Yunnan Express

A view of Jiaozi Snow Mountain Online photo

The Jiaozi Snow Mountain is located in Kunming. With the word “snow” in its name, people tend to associate it with winter. In summer, the Jiaozi Snow Mountain makes a good leisure and holiday destination with its pleasantly cool air.

It took us two hours to drive from Kunming to the Jiaozi Snow Mountain. Through the windows, we could see the dreamy clouds floating by and enveiling the mountain like a shy maiden. In such a fairytale setting, no one seemed to suffer from motion sickness and everyone was excited.

It was not long before we saw azaleas. From May to June every year, the Jiaozi Snow Mountain would be a spectacular sea of blooming azaleas in patches and clusters. They are white, pink, red and yellow, immersing the green mountain and clear water in the fragrance.

At the Daheiqing cableway station, we took the cable chair to Huaxi. A variety of birds were chirping here and there, and waterfalls of all sizes fell from between rocks or beside the plank road, the better known of them being the Feilai Waterfall, the Lianhua Waterfall and the Tianlai Waterfall. They were like white silk from the distance, adding some dynamic touches to the mountain.

The pine trees are another wonder of the Jiaozi Snow Mountain in summer. At some places, all their branches are blown by the winds to one side, forming a stunning sight of dozens of parallel lines. I was told that there were a mysterious patch of pine trees on the Jiaozi Snow Mountain, which have been dead for more than a hundred years but are still standing in their masculine pride.

Because of a tight schedule, we only got to an altitude of 3,950 metres in three hours. According to the map of the scenic spot, it would take up to nine hours for us to cover all the attractions, including the 4,223-metre-tall summit. (Chu Donghua)

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