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Yunnan’s First Fertilizer Train Bounded for VietnamUpdated: 2015-03-19 10:06:00    

The other day, No. 1212 freight train, a train carrying fertilizer, passed through the railway bridge on the Nanxi River in Hekou County for the first time of this year, marking the largest international multimodal shipment this year on the century-old narrow gauge Yunnan-Vietnam Railway.

Recently, Kaiyuan Railway Section of Kunming Railway Bureau learnt from Chinese and Vietnamese business people that it is right in the middle of spring sowing in Vietnam and a lot of fertilizer is required by farmers. At the news, Kaiyuan Railway Section immediately contacted Red Phosphorus Branch of Yuntianhua International Chemical Corporation and facilitated the cooperation between Vietnam and China in the fertilizer supply and demand. Additionally, the railway operators on both sides have thus reached a railway transport agreement.

As was learnt, the first batch of shipment would involve more than 12,000 tons, of which 360 tons would be transported from China to Vietnam every day recently. With the Mengzi-Hekou Railway going into operation on December 1, 2014, Hekou port is accessible by both narrow gauge and standard gauge railways, which promoted the China-Vietnam border trade. (Hu Xiaorong)

Home News Asean SouthAsia Consul Travel Education Culture Video People Neighbour Newspaper Seminar
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