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93 Rescued Wild Animals Return to Nature in Pu’er

Updated:2015-04-29 09:04:47   Yunnan Express

A total of 93 rescued wild animals were released to nature in the Taiyanghe Nature Reserve, Pu’er city on April 24. It is a public event organized by the Wild Animal Rescue Center of Yunnan Wildlife Park.

The 93 animals fall into 11 species, including Nycticebus coucangs, Macaca mulattas and Aqulia chrysaetoses. 6 of them are put under first class national protection and 8 under second class protection. It is said that most freed animals were confiscated from illegal animal smugglers, while others were rescued from injuries. Before the release, the animals had been specially trained to adjust to life in the wilderness.

According to experts, Taiyanghe Nature Reserve is an ideal habitat for released animals because it is favorable in climate, abundant in animal foods and diverse in species. And all freed animals can find their partners and kin in the reserve, which will contribute to their survival and offspring production in the future.

By Wang Shixue

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