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Yunnan to build its first wild fungus industrial park

Updated:2015-09-01 11:23:33   csa-expo.com

Southwest China's Yunnan province will build a wild fungus industrial park in Nanhua county, in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture. It will be the first of its kind in Yunnan, announced county head Liu Wenyuan,on Aug 28.

The decision was made at an academic forum concerning the sustainable development of Yunnan's wild edible fungus, held in Kunming on Aug 27. Yunnan’s Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission appraised and approved the proposal.

Liu said that Nanhua county will work on developing all kinds of products related to wild fungus, such as wild fungus specialty catering and handcrafts.

"We will help enterprises to enhance technology for processing wild fungus and try to build Nanhua county into a 'wild fungus king' in Yunnan," said Liu.

Nanhua has put a halt to all logging to preserve its forest and wild fungus coverage, resulting in a wild fungus land increase from 107,000 hectares in 2010 to more than 133,000 hectares in 2015.

By Li Xiaoxu and edited by Andrew Ancheta

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