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“Voice of Yunnan” conveying goodwill

Updated:2015-09-24 16:25:49   Yunnan Express

The depth and richness of cultures and astounding natural beauty make Yunnan a favorite tourist destination for tourists from every country.

"Yunnan playing a unique role in the pluralistic China-US cooperation and exchanges"

Yang Fuquan, researcher of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences

In recent years, Yunnan Province and the United States are increasing exchanges in culture, education, ecological improvement, and environmental protection: Scholars of research institutes and universities in Yunnan are working with American scholars to comprehensively promote the protection of biological and cultural diversity in Northwest Yunnan; Naxi Ancient Music, Yunnan Impression Show, and other famous cultural brands of the province are introduced to the United States, and the ethnic cultural diversity of Yunnan has greatly impressed the American people; the exchanges of scholars between Yunnan and the United States are also increasing. It can be said that Yunnan has made its unique contribution to promoting the China-US friendship.

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