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French and Malaysian authorities meet in Paris for investigation

Updated:2015-08-04 11:25:27   CCTV.com

Malaysian aviation experts have met with French officials to coordinate the investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, days after the discovery of a two-metre-long flaperon on a French island. The Malaysian team arrived at the Palais de Justice in Paris on Monday, to meet with a French judge, a group of experts and police charged with the investigation.

Five days after a piece of plane debris washed up on the shores of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, French and Malaysian aviation experts met with police and court officials in Paris.

Some members of the Malaysian delegation were seen waiting outside a meeting room before being ushered into the closed-door talks.

The media were kept back.

Since the investigation moved to France, it's been shrouded in secrecy.

But in Kuala Lumpa, the Malaysian transport minister said a significant breakthrough has been made in identifying the debris.

"The wreckage found earlier is confirmed to be the flaperon from a Boeing triple seven. It's a Boeing triple seven part but whether it is MH370 part yet to be verified. I want to emphasise that is yet to verified and the verification will be done only on Wednesday," he said.

The wing part is now here in Toulouse at this military laboratory.

On Wednesday afternoon, experts from France, Malaysia, the United States, China and the Boeing company will start their analysis on what is potentially the first piece of physical evidence from Flight MH370 which went missing 17 months ago.

Even if the investigators confirm the debris is from the Malaysian airliner, experts have warned that the mystery of what happened to the plane and where exactly it went down is likely to persist unless the black box is found. 

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