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Malaysian PM says debris is from missing plane

Updated:2015-08-07 16:00:35   CCTV.com

The Malaysian Prime Minister has confirmed that the wing fragment found on Reunion Island is from the missing MH370 plane.

The announcement comes following initial analysis of the debris at a military lab in the French city of Toulouse. But deputy Paris prosecutor Serge Mackowiak was more cautious in his remarks, saying that there was a "strong presumption" the piece was part of MH370 a major reason being it matches the technical characteristics of the missing plane.

The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed what many have suspected since the piece of debris washed up last week on the shores of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

His announcement followed an analysis of the wing part by international experts at an aeronautical test center near Toulouse on Wednesday.

Malaysian officials were invited by France to witness the inspection. But there were discrepancies between the two country's conclusions. In Paris, the deputy prosecutor would only say they believe the wing part, known as a flaperon, is from MH370.

The initial analysis lasted for just a few hours, but investigators will be back Thursday. This is just the start of a new phase in the MH370 investigation.

Investigators will now try to find out what caused the plane to crash, and where it went down. Finding this piece of debris is certainly the biggest breakthrough in the MH370 investigation, but the mystery of the missing Malaysian airliner is still far from being solved.

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