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A girl's dream of taking authentic culture worldwide

Updated:2015-09-18 18:27:16   CCTV.com

Tibetan gifts and souvenirs are widely popular, but few realize that most are actually produced in other parts of China or Nepal, with many lacking authentic Tibetan elements. Tsering Dolma, a Tibetan girl from south China's Yunnan province, hopes to change all that with her start-up venture in the Tibet Autonomous Region capital Lhasa.

Although born Tibetan, Dolma was raised outside the autonomous region and still faces culture shock doing business in Lhasa.

“We are designing unique gifts and tourism products as the path to bring Tibetan culture to the world,” Dolma said.

“My name is Tsering Dolma, I’m Tibetan from south China’s Yunnan Province. I am currently starting a culture business in Lhasa.

“The tourism souvenirs in Tibet lack cultural attributes, and most of them are designed and produced from Nepal or other parts of China. What we want to produce are gifts oriented from Tibet. We are selling products on WeChat stores and Taobao under the flourishing influence of Internet.

“I got my inspiration from childhood and everyday life. Instead of feeling tired from the business, I am enjoying Lhasa, because I am working hard doing what I love.” 

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