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China's largest jazz event held in World Expo Park

Updated:2015-10-21 16:44:14   CCTV.com

When you come to the outdoor JZ Festival in Shanghai, you don't just get jazz! Various musical styles are on offer, along with an exciting range of off-stage activities. Over the past weekend, tens of thousands of Chinese, along with expat jazz lovers, came to soak up the atmosphere of this three-day event.

With 5 stages and 40 artists, the JZ Festival revels in every shade of jazz! But there's more! Blues, funk, fusion, and R&B are also in the mix!

Meanwhile, there's a lot of cool stuff going on off-stage as well, with activities for all ages - drum circles, salsa sessions, even ukelele tutorials! And there's a lot of camping space available on the grass at Shanghai's World Expo Park.

Now in its 11th year, China's preeminent jazz event is leading the second age of jazz in Shanghai.

Efforts to develop the jazz scene are paying off: Shanghai's jazz clubs, and the festival itself, have become venues for Chinese musicians to mingle, catch up, and jam. This is not only encouraging further development at home, but attracting high-level players from around the world. Truly, jazz has become a landmark phenomenon in China.

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