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Shenzhen rescuers try to locate displaced buildings

Updated:2015-12-23 16:38:46   CCTV.com

Over 72 hours have passed since the Shenzhen landslide happened and survivors are fighting against time to save more lives.

Early Wednesday morning, rescuers successfully pulled out a survivor who had been trapped for 67 hours. The male, named as Tian Zeming, has been rushed to hospital and is now in stable condition. Tian was among the 76 previously reported missing after the landslide.

However, another male found beside Tian was pronounced dead by the doctors after he was retrieved, marking the second death in the landslide.

Rescue headquarters also held a press briefing this morning. They have divided the site into 16 search zones, with vital life signs detected in 4 areas. They also set locating the buried buildings as the main task for the next step. This will be done using various technical equipment, as the buildings were displaced by the landslide.

Rescue teams will first expose the roof of the building, then penetrate through to find more survivors. 

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