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Sub-anchor: China seeks to make cities better places to live in

Updated:2015-12-23 16:47:18   CCTV.com

For more background on the Central Urban Work Conference and China's current situation regarding urbanization, I'm joined by my colleague Wang Tongxuan here in the studio.

A1.The Chinese leaders have vowed to make cities better places to live in. The last time China held such a high-level meeting was in 1978 when the nation first started to reform and open up. Only 18 percent of the population lived in cities then. Today, about 55 percent of the population call a city their home. This shift has brought about significant social and economic changes in China as well as creating problems such as traffic jams, air and water pollution and issues with public safety.

At the conference, leaders pointed out that safety should be the highest priority in city development and management. Some experts say there weren't enough systems in place to assess risks and prevent accidents. Another major reform will be of the household registration system. It aims to turn more migrant workers into city residents with proper access to education, employment and medical care.

Meanwhile, China will make more effort to upgrade city clusters in the eastern region, and encourage development of a batch of city clusters and key regional cities in the central and western regions. Amongst all issues, over-expansion caused by inefficient urban planning is the most urgent. Now, let's hear what experts have to say on this problem.

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