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Cambodia shortens school hours due to hot temperatures

Updated:2016-05-03 15:57:36   XinHua

Cambodia has shortened school hours by one hour a day to help students avoid the peak temperatures of the day, according to a rule signed by Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron on Monday.

The new rule deducts 30 minutes at the end of morning classes and 30 minutes at the beginning of afternoon classes.

The minister also advised teachers to tell their students to drink clean water and not to play under the sunlight as temperatures in some parts of the country would be as high as 42 or 43 degree Celsius.

"The measures aim to protect students, especially pupils, from any risks or illness that can arise from hot temperatures," he said.

According to the minister, the deduction of school hours will remain in place until the cooling rain starts.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday last week that the Southeast Asian country was being hit the worst by drought in 40 years and ordered local authorities, armed forces, and civil servants to distribute water to drought-hit villagers.

Keo Vy, spokesman for the National Center for Disaster Management, has said that drought was causing severe water shortages in some 18 out of the kingdom's 25 cities and provinces and affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

According to the spokesman, the drought was forecast to continue until July due to the impacts of El Nino.

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