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[Paukphaw Friendship] Singing folk songs together

Updated:2016-03-15 16:03:06   Yunnan Express

"Upstream is where I live, downstream is where you dwell;Boundless love is what we have, life on the river is what we share."

Myanmar and China are linked together by rivers and mountains, and Paukphaw Friendship between the two nations has a very long history. Currently in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, the traditional friendship has been increasingly strengthened along with win-win cooperation. To highlight the friendship over the past 60 years, we will introduce regular Paukphaw friendship coverage from now on.

The column lasts for one year, and if you have stories or pictures related to China-Myanmar friendship, you can send emails to us via 973659397@qq.com.The story should be no more than 800 words.The chosen piece(s) will be published in Chinese at the App and overseas news pages run by Yunnan Daily Press Group.

"I live upstream of the Mekong River, and thou dwell downstream of it. We are close neighbors nourished by the same river, so I hope our friendship could get stronger day by day…" Talking about Paukphaw Friendship, Wang Yongfu, a staff member with the Culture Bureau of Yunnan’s Zhenkang County, can't help singing the song: To My Myanmar Friend, from which the above lyrics are taken.

Also, the song appears at the climax of the musical piece called Paukphaw Friendship. It is edited by Wang, who used these words to manifest the China-Myanmar friendship among the border residents.

"In my work Paukphaw Friendship, you can feel musical elements of the Dai ethnic group, but you can hardly hear lyrics throughout the piece. Only in the climax of it can you see the words composed by Chinese late Vice-Premier Chen Yi during his visit to Myanmar in December 1957. Besides the Dai elements, there are many other ethnic features in my work. Describing meetings and datings among young people in the two countries, my musical piece expresses the friendship which cannot be separated by national borders," said Wang, adding that in these years he has written many musical pieces, which are coupled with dancing by professionals who have thorough understanding of his works.

"Though belonging to two countries, the border residents share the same (or similar) roots and language. They have traditional friendship, and they are relatives. For many years, sports meetings and cultural events are main forms of communication between Zhenkang folks and Kokang people in north Myanmar. In performing the tune ‘Ashuse’, the two peoples refined the tune by mutual imitation, and it proves that the two cultures are mutually complementary," said Wang. He added that ‘Ashuse’ makes the most popular performing for folks in north Myanmar, and singing ‘Ashuse’ together has become a must in cultural communication between the two peoples.


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