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Bus service in Chiang Mai upgraded

Updated:2016-03-31 11:55:27   Yunnan Express

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Chiang Mai City in northern Thailand recently released a new plan for improving local bus service, according to which another five new bus routes will be added to the old system. Each ticket costs 10-15 Thai Baht, and the routes will be changed on half-year basis. Municipal government will provide financial support to operation of the routes.

The new routes will connect major transport spots such as Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai parks, airport and temples in Chiang Mai, which will bring convenience to foreign tourists and local residents alike. “The transportation planning will change Chiang Mai, and it will bring new hope to Chiang Mai’s traffic improvement in the future,” said a local resident.

In Chiang Mai, traffic jam has been a big headache for local people and foreign tourists. In recent years, around 50,000 new private cars and tourist buses are entering Chiang Mai annually, along with its growing international influence. There is urgent need to upgrade transport facilities in the city.

By Zhang Ruogu, translated by Wang Shixue

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