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“Colorful Yunnan” shows up at Palace of Nations

Updated:2016-06-24 09:48:16   

An artistic performance entitled “Cultural China, Colorful Yunnan” was staged on June 22 at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, attracting an audience of more than 1,200 international personages.

Jointly organized by the Chinese delegation to Geneva, the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yunnan Government, the cultural event aims to present Yunnan’s diversity in ethnic cultures and China’s progress in human rights.

At the event, the palace was packed. Along with the musical pieces called Colorful Yunnan, Little Flowing Stream and others, the artists danced gracefully, winning big applause from the audience.

Source: www.fmprc.gov.cn   Editor: Wang Shixue 

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