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Giant wild funguses found in Yunnan

Updated:2016-07-12 12:30:23   People's Daily Online

Three giant wild funguses were found in Shiyi county, southeastern China's Yunnan province, local media reported. The biggest fungus is as thick as a thigh.

The three giant funguses were found in a school by Zhang Zibo, a local villager, who later took the them home with his friends.

Weighing over 4 kilograms, the biggest fungus is 66 centimeters in cap diameter and over 10 centimeters in root diameter. The smallest one is also very big with a cap diameter of over 30 centimeters and an arm-thick root.

The giant funguses attracted huge attention from fellow villagers. Some said they were collybia albuminosa, while some opposed. An old man said he had never seen such a giant collybia albuminosa in all his life.

Now the funguses are all stored in Zhang's house.

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