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Over 50 to compete in wingsuit flying in Zhaotong

Updated:2016-08-09 10:24:11   Yunnan Gateway

Trial flying at the Dashanbao scenic area 

"Birdmen in wingsuits are gliding through the air under the blue sky and over deep valleys." Have you ever seen this?

In late September and early October, the 2016 China•Zhaotong wingsuit flying competition will take place at the Dashanbao scenic area, and more than 50 birdmen are scheduled to participate in the extreme sport.

In the thrilling game, skydivers will start flying at 3,200 meter above the sea level, gliding all the way downward to the 700-meter landing point.

Famed as a winter habitat for black-necked cranes, the Dashanbao scenic area in Northeast Yunnan Province has attracted an increasing number of tourists, especially the ones fond of extreme sports.

Source: Spring City Evening News      Editor: Eric Wang

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