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Oriental symphony premieres in Guangnan

Updated:2016-09-14 08:08:00   Yunnan Express

Recently, an interview tour across Yunnan for nationwide mobile phone media started from Guangnan County in Yunnan Province.

It included the staging of an unusual Zhuang music concert. The traditional ceremonial music, popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties some one thousand years ago, amazed the reporters present.

Zhuang ceremonial music, known as a living fossil of Yunnan’s folk music art. The music, enriched with local touches, has been passed down from generation to generation.

A song called Pony and Bell, as well as many other classic pieces, were played at the show. Distinctive for its Tang and Song styles, the music paced forward with epic grandeur, trotting with cheerful horse bells from time to time.

Zhuang ceremonial music is rich in style and form, and contains unique melodies and singing tunes. It is one of China’s oldest ethnic symphonies.

Li Jie   Fan Chunyan

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