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Touching moment: Yunnan father shields daughter with his body at house collapse

Updated:2016-09-27 09:11:30   People's Daily Online

A house collapsed on a family of four in the city of Zhaotong, located in China’s southwestern Yunnan province due to heavy rain on September 23, 2016.

Fire fighters had successfully rescued two family members from the fallen debris, however a middle-aged father and his 20-month-old daughter remained inside.

The team moved quickly, relying on the lights from their vehicles for lighting and an array of tools for excavation. As they dug closer to the father and daughter, they began to rip away the debris with their hands. The team uncovered what appeared to be a father passed out from dehydration hugging on dearly to his infant.

Thanks to medical personnel present at the scene, both the father and his daughter were saved. Neither had life-threatening injuries.

According to a report from the local fire department, the dilapidated home was made of mostly mud brick and wood. After heavy rain, the home collapsed. 

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