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Railway network braces for peak before holiday

Updated:2016-02-05 11:22:50   CCTV.com

Only two days to go before the Spring Festival holiday starts, China’s railway network is bracing for a travel peak on Thursday as millions of Chinese move homebound. More than 8.3 million trips by trains are expected to be made in a single day today.

And more than 800 temporary trains have been added on the busiest routes around the country to ease the pressure. There are still tickets available for trains departing from the biggest cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou toward the most popular destinations.

Guangdong province, the country’s biggest manufacturing hub, expects the largest passenger flow, as migrant workers head on home. On the roads, the national highway network has seen more cross-provincial trips on Thursday, with the travel peak expected on Saturday, one day before the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Pressure is high on air traffic, 55 millions trips have been projected during the holiday travel rush period, an 11 percent jump from last year.

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