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FM: China's diplomacy 'fruitful'

Updated:2016-03-09 11:24:45   CCTV.com

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the press conference Tuesday morning that disputes with the US could be turned into cooperation such as the success in the cyber security area. But he said the US needs to calm down over the maritime tensions in the S China Sea. He said President Xi's historic visit to the UK has ushered in a golden era in improving the existing international political and economic order. Foreign Minister Wang Yi assured a Russian reporter about the strategic importance of bilateral ties between Beijing and Moscow and reiterated that such confidence would not be shaken no matter what.

Foreign minister Wang Yi warned Japan against its double faced rivalry, and urged Tokyo to figure out what it wanted in dealing with its most important neighboring country in East Asia. But has China's proactive diplomacy gone far enough in protecting its global stakes? In his review of China's growing responsibilities as a major world player, he said China is expected to exercise greater influence in the volatile middle east since Beijing does not seek to have a sphere of influence or proxies. Today, I'm joined in the studio by Su Ge, President of the China Institute of International Studies and Hu Liming, former Chinese Ambassador to Iran. Before we start, let's take a look at this.

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