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China's Yunnan Province a key attraction

Updated:2016-04-08 10:46:34   CCTV.com

As the key hub and outpost linking Southwest China and Southeast Asia, Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture in Yunnan Province is at the forefornt of developing regional tourism.

Xishuangbanna, the tropical south of China's Yunnan province, has a great deal of the original cultural and biological diversity. For thousands of years, people here have lived on mono-culture rubber and banana, but that's about to change.

With the unique geographic location and the rich ethnic culture, Xishuangbanna stands out as the emerging gateway for Lancang-Mekong river cooperation. Over the past few years, dozens of projects have sprung up like never before.

The gold pagoda in the Gaozhuang tourism complex -- one of the most successful projects in the prefecture -- represents the region's ambitions; it's got everything you need to know about the Lancang-Mekong community: from architecture and costumes to religious and folk culture.

"We've launched an even bigger project in Botan, just next to the China-Laos border. The overall plan is in place. It's now up to us to get things running," said Zhou Kun, Director of Gaozhuang Tourism Complex, Xishuangbanna.

The offices of travel agencies and airline companies from the other Lancang-Mekong members are hoping for a spike in business.

"It's got everything a visitor needs for traveling to other member countries VISA, plane ticket, car rental and so on." said Jiao Yuanjie, Manager of Gaozhuang Tourism Complex, Xishuangbanna.

As leaders of the six member countries draw up plans for future development, the complex is a living example of how connectivity can boost economic development.

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