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Musicians interpret Yunnan ethnic tunes with orchestra

Updated:2016-12-30 11:59:43   CCTV.com

Beijing's performance market has entered its 'New Years' season, and there are a variety of concerts being staged every night. The China National Symphony Orchestra show -- "Voice of Dragon, Elegance of China, Hani Symphony" -- received rousing applause from audience members at The Beijing Concert Hall last week.

The distinctive culture of China's Hani people, an ethnic minority living in Yunnan Province, inspired composer Wang Ning to write the concert's six mesmerizing pieces, including: "Song of Yunnan" and "Tea Horse Road". The melodic works are a bold attempt to tell the rich traditions and legends of the Hani people and portray the picturesque scenery of Yunnan through the lens of western symphony.

Acclaimed Chinese pianist Fei-Fei Dong, helped bring the pieces to life on stage. Fei was a top finalist at the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and is a Concert Artists Guild Competition winner. This year's "Voice of Dragon, Elegance of China" production is part of an ongoing cultural program, that was initiated by China's National Symphony Orchestra in 2005 to promote original Chinese symphony works. 

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