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Yunnan: A land of scenery, culture and connectivity

Updated:2017-05-18 15:05:48   yunnangateway.com

Amazing scenery

Yunnan is famous at home and abroad for unique highland landscapes, glamorous tropical and subtropical sceneries in border areas, and diverse ethnic cultures. The province offers numerous places of interests and has developed a hoard of scenic sites featuring mountains, canyons, modern glaciers, highland lakes, stone forest, karst caves, hot springs, virgin forests, flowers, historical and cultural relics, traditional gardens, and ethnic customs. 

Scenic sites in Yunnan

There are altogether over 200 scenic areas in the province, including 134 national A-plus sites, 12 national parks and 53 provincial parks. The Old Town of Lijiang and the Terraced Paddy Fields of Hani Minority in Honghe Prefecture are on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage while the Three Parallel Rivers, karst formations of the Stone Forest and the fossil unearthed in Chengjiang are among the World Natural Heritage list. The ancient Dongba literature of the Naxi people in Lijiang is among the Memory of the World Register. There are 6 national-level historic and cultural cities in Yunnan, namely Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Jianshui, Weishan and Huize and 10 at the provincial level, as well as 8 national-level historical and cultural towns and 14 provincial ones.

Sites and ethnic festivities in Yunnan

At Yunnan scenic areas, tourists are often greeted by wildlife. Yunnan tops China in flora species. Various plants of tropical, subtropical, temperate, and frigid zones can be found in the province, along with many ancient, derived and exotic species and genera. The province accounts for over 60% of the 30,000 higher plant species in China, including over 150 tree species listed for national protection and development at first, second or third classes. Medical herbs and ornamental specie and plants grow wide across the province. 

Yunnan wildlife 

Also, Yunnan crowns the country in wild-animal variety. The 1,737 vertebrate species of the province equals 58.9 % of the national total. Among the 25,000 insect species recorded in China, over 10,000 can be found in Yunnan. 46 wild species of the province, including nycticebus coucangs, snub-nosed monkeys, wild elephants, wild oxen and gibbons, are listed for Class-I protection at the national level. Therefore, Yunnan is known as the Kingdom of Flora and Fauna.

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