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Yunnan Phuket Club in Thailand calls for more flood-relief donations

Updated:2017-01-16 10:04:35   thephuketnews.com

Flood victims need water, canned food, flashlights and various daily necessities. Photo: Shangha Lee

Talking to The Phuket News, head of the Yunnan Phuket Club Surapong Saelor emphasised that hundreds of families from flood-stricken provinces across Southern Thailand lost their possessions.

“The Yunnan Phuket club invites Thai people and Chinese people to help these flood victims in the south. Donatinons can be made at the Yunnan Phuket Club on Wirat Hong Yok Rd., Vichit, Mueang Phuket,” Mr Surapong said.

Earlier this week a convoy of 13 trucks loaded with food, drinking water and other flood-relief supplies rolled out from Patong, bound for the disaster areas. Among the items of high demand are rice, canned fish, dried food, drinking water, sanitary towels, flashlights, mosquito repellent, toilet paper and other daily necessities.

To contact the Yunnan Phuket Club, please call 094-4469335 or 098-2788888 (Thai-speaker recommended).


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