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Small communities near Thailand's Pattaya promoted as one-day tourist attraction

Updated:2017-03-06 17:10:06   XinHua

A couple of small-sized communities in the neighborhood of Pattaya are being promoted as a one-day tourist spot besides the world-famous beach resort.

Thaweepong Wichaidit, deputy director of the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), said on Monday that the agency has launched a campaign to promote Chak Ngaeo community and Takhian Tia community, both located in vicinity of Pattaya, as the new tourist attraction, especially for day trippers.

While Pattaya has tropical sea, sand and ritzy, nighttime entertainment venues to draw the tourists, Chak Ngaeo and Takhian Tia communities display the traditional way of life of local villagers and their indigenous goods for sales, according to the deputy DASTA director.

Tourists may visit the communities in the day and need not spend the night, especially on Saturdays when a pedestrian street is open to visitors for indigenous goods shopping, Thaweepong said.

He said an estimated 3,000 tourists are expected to visit Chak Ngaeo and Takhian Tia daily and each visitor is tipped to spend as much as 1,000 baht (about 28.57 U.S. dollars) on shopping at the communities.

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