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Black box of crashed Myanmar military plane found

Updated:2017-06-19 18:39:05   XinHua

Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) and CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) have been found in already retrieved plane's tail section Sunday evening, a release of the Office of the Commander-in-chief of the Defense Services said.

The authorities will continue probe into the reasons of plane crash based on the black box.

Naval ships, divers and trawlers were combing the seabed of the area, where the tail part of the crashed plane was found entangled with a fishing net of a local vessel under the sea off the country's southern coast on Thursday.

Currently, a total of 92 bodies have been recovered as of late Sunday.

With a load of 2.4 tons of cargo and 122 people aboard, including 108 military personnel and their family members and 14 crew members, the aircraft of the Myanmar Air Force lost contact with the ground shortly after taking off from Myeik on June 7.

The plane was believed to have crashed in the Andaman Sea off the southern Tanintharyi region on a flight to Yangon.

Editor: Eric Wang

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