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Mobile subscribers in Vietnam must submit their portrait photos

Updated:2017-06-19 18:42:51   XinHua

According to Vietnam's new regulation designated to prevent spams, mobile phone subscribers in the country must submit their portrait photos to services providers.

New postpaid and prepaid mobile phone subscribers are supposed to provide their personal information and a portrait photo of themselves, while existing ones to add the photo, according to the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority on Monday.

After April 24, 2018, if existing subscribers still do not supply telecommunications firms with photos and accurate personal information, the subscribers' contracts will be terminated, and the service providers will be fined.

Millions of spam messages are sent a day, mostly from prepaid mobile phone subscriptions which are not registered, or registered with false personal information, so the new regulation is aimed at reverse the situation, as well as to prevent swindling, said local officials.

By the end of last month, Vietnam, with a population of some 95 million, had 15.3 million fixed phone subscribers, and 119.7 million mobile ones, said the authority under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Editor: Eric Wang

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