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“Mekong Brightness Journey” revisits Myanmar

Updated:2017-09-01 12:03:56   China · Yunnan

On August 22, the Myanmar leg of the“ Mekong River Brightness Journey” programme got underway at an ophthalmology hospital in Mandalay. Over the next few days, a Chinese medical team will operate on about 200 local cataract patients for free.

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The “Mekong River Brightness Journey” programme is an important cooperative initiative proposed by Premier Li Keqiang at the First Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting in March 2016. So far, the outreach effort has provided medical aid in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Nearly 600 poverty-stricken cataract patients will recover their sight with the help of this Chinese medical team.

According to Li Jichang, director of the Mandalay Jin Taw Yan Buddhist Charity Association, there are more than three million cataract patients in Myanmar and only 100,000 cataract operations can be performed every year. “Today the Chinese medical team has come to provide free treatment for patients with eye disease in Myanmar. We thank the Chinese medical team for helping these patients to recover their sight,” said Li Jichang.

Editor: Eric Wang

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