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Nanning Initiative launched among China-ASEAN art schools

Updated:2017-09-22 18:48:58   english.yunnan.cn

To further promote cooperation and development among art schools and universities from China and ASEAN countries, a round table conference of presidents of China-ASEAN art schools is currently being held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture. Nanning Initiative was launched and approved at the conference.

The Nanchang Initiative contains four major parts: promoting the exchange visits among the leaders of all the participating schools and enhancing cooperation in strategic planning to stimulate a coordinated development of art education; promoting communication and training of the art education management staff and professional teachers; supporting students in exchange visits with performances; and participating the Hongtonggu China-ASEAN Artistic Education Achievements Show to improve the performance level and to share the art education achievements.

The round table conference is one of the activities of the 12th China-ASEAN Cultural Forum with the theme of “China-ASEAN Traditional Arts’ Inheritance and Development”. On the site, presidents of art schools, education experts and management experts discussed the topics of traditional art talents cultivation and traditional art inheritance. They shared their practical experience in China-ASEAN countries’ traditional art inheritance and development; and they also explored on mechanism and route of further cooperation and exchange in traditional art.

Editor: Eric Wang

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