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Chinese Ambassador Scholarships awarded to Lao students

Updated:2017-12-23 16:03:46   english.yunnan.cn

The awarding ceremony of Chinese Ambassador Scholarships was held December 19 at the National University of Laos (NUOL) in Vientiane, and 50 students of with good academic attainments were awarded scholarships. 

Speaking at the awarding, Chinese Ambassador to Laos Wang Wentian said Chinese Embassy supports NUOL and the education development of Laos, and offers helps to outstanding students, especially low-income students with good academic performance so that they can go for their life values and fulfill their own dreams.

Chinese Embassy in Laos is willing to create more opportunities for Lao students to study in China and learn more about the country, Wang said, adding education makes an essential part of pragmatic cooperation between China and Laos.

The Chinese Ambassador also expressed his hope that Lao students will take the opportunity to realize their own dreams and also the dreams of Laos, contributing to further nurturing the friendship between the two countries.

President of the NUOL Somsy Gnophanxay, for his part, said the support of Chinese Embassy plays an important role in talent training and socio-economic development of Laos.

He said that the Chinese government values ​​and cares about the development of education in Laos. For a long time, the Chinese Embassy has always been concerned about the campus buildup of the Lao university and its talents training.
Somsy asked students who gained scholarships to study well so as to become backbone of national development of Laos, while serving as inheritors of the tradition of Laos-China friendship.

At the ceremony, student representatives said they would follow instructions and live up to the expectations of the university president and Chinese ambassador.

Since its inception in 2014, the Chinese Ambassador Scholarships has been awarded to a total of 183 outstanding students at the NUOL in the past four consecutive years.

(Adapted from the Xinhua/CRI / China Embassy reports) 

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