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Yunnan, Luang Namtha crosscheck and accept eco-project

Updated:2017-12-24 13:16:42   english.yunnan.cn

The China Yunnan-Laos Luang Namtha exchange and aid project on environmental protection was jointly checked and accepted by Luang Namtha Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Yunnan Provincial Department of Environmental Protection. A Yunnan environment delegation reached Luang Namtha earlier at the invitation from the Lao side.

From December 12-15, the two sides summarized the project implementation and held a handover of a pyrolysis project on rural garbage treatment. 

The staff members from the two sides respectively briefed the implementation of cooperative activities, involving capacity building of project agencies, pilot projects for community environmental protection, and cooperation projects on cross-border biodiversity conservation.

After project briefing and on-site inspection, both sides believed that the project is completed, with positive results and achieved, the initial goals met and valuable experiences accumulated. 

The project laid a good foundation for the in-depth environmental exchange and cooperation between China and Laos. The implementation of the project is in line with the MoU, agreement and project plan signed by both parties. Both sides agree that the project passed inspection and acceptance.

Source: www.zhb.gov.cn 

Editor: Eric Wang