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Laos, China to bolster cooperation in tourism

Updated:2017-12-27 10:58:49   vientianetimes.org.la

Laos and China plan to jointly step up their advertising of tourist destinations in a bid to bring more Chinese visitors to Laos and encourage more Lao people to visit China.

The partnership is particularly aimed at boosting visitor numbers during Visit Laos Year 2018.

Laos’ Tourism Management Department under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, and China’s Jiangsu provincial Tourism Administration, showcased their top tourist attractions at a tourism promotion seminar held recently in Vientiane.

Deputy Director General of the Tourism Management Department, Mr Saysombat Bounnaphon, said the seminar was a good opportunity for Laos to advertise its major tourist sites.

Visitors can find plenty of interest in Laos, including majestic scenery, historical sites and cultural attractions. The country also has a fine culture and attractive lifestyle, as reflected in its cuisine and traditional dress, while the Lao people are friendly and trustworthy.

According to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, the country’s striking landscape, laidback lifestyle and appealing culture will favourably impress tourists during Visit Laos Year 2018.

Laos and China have been cooperating in tourism in recent years in a bid to increase the number of Chinese nationals visiting Laos.

Last year, about 700,000 Chinese visited Laos.

During the seminar, officials from Jiangsu province highlighted their tourist attractions with photos of natural wonders and historical and cultural sites.

According to the Jiangsu provincial Tourism Administration, from January to October 2017 more than 8,000 Lao people visited Jiangsu province, up by 88 percent on the previous year.

Through their joint efforts, the tourism sectors in Laos and China have advertised each other’s top destinations and targeted potential markets.

As of September 2017, Jiangsu province had received more than 2,644,000 inbound overnight visitor trips, an increase of 11 percent.

To increase tourist arrivals between both sides, the Lao and Chinese governments have engaged in talks pushing for the launch of Visit Laos-China Year 2019. 

Editor: Eric Wang