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2.1 kg mango king costs $46,470 at Yunnan auction

Updated:2017-07-12 17:10:06   english.yunnan.cn

The "Mango King" rating competition was held in Yongde County, west Yunnan’s Lincang City recently. Twenty-two farmers sent their biggest mango to the competition.

The 2.1 kg mango

By the evaluation, a 2.1 kilograms mango impressed the audience and won this year’s "Mango King" title with its outstanding weight. 

The mango king  selection  was followed by an auction, where Mr. Luo from Shanghai bought the mango king by paying 316,000 yuan($46,470). It is said that all of the money will be used for charity in Yongde.

This news soon went viral online. Many netizens jealously said they want to go back home to grow mango trees.

Editor: Eric Wang

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