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Thai tourist gets money back from Yunnan driver

Updated:2017-07-14 13:01:29   english.yunnan.cn

Yunnan Travel Automobile Company, which is affiliated to Yunnan Expo Tourism Group, recently received a thank-you letter from China Comfort Travel (Kunming), expressing gratitude to the company’s driver Mao Jian, for finding and returning money and valuables left by a Thai tourist.

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On June 23, Mao was assigned to drive No.云 AL0558 tourist coach to Kunming Changshui International airport. When cleaning the coach, he caught sight of a handbag.

He checked and realized it belongs to a Thai tourist passenger, and in the handbag were several bankcards and cash of around 100,000 baht (RMB 20,000). He immediately called the guide who was in charge of the tour that day.

When Mao gave the handbag to the anxious tourist who was about to board the plane, the Thai guest was moved and thanked him repeatedly.

Given the driver’s admirable gesture, China Comfort Travel (Kunming) sent the thank-you note to the company.

Chinese reporting by Zhang Ruogu; Trans-editing by Eric, Pana, Lawrence 

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