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Blood relay race rescues seriously injured man in west Yunnan

Updated:2017-07-14 17:16:32   english.yunnan.cn

A piece of SOS message went viral on the WeChat Moments yesterday afternoon. Yang Jiayou from Lujiang Town of west Yunnan’s Baoshan, was badly injured in a car accident and needed more O-type blood.

Due to the shortage of this type of blood in Baoshan Hospital, Yang’s daughter sent this SOS message on WeChat and it soon attracted many people’s attention. When Feng Ling, the person in charge of Kunming Blood Center, got this message, he and his colleagues instantly made a decision to help Yang Jiayou. They urgently prepared 6,000ml O-type blood plasma and sent two staff members on the mission to transport the blood to Baoshan which is more than 500 km away from Kunming. 

At 17:16, the staff members started their race. To save time and reach Baoshan as quickly as they could, they drove the car in turns, and they ate instant food in the car. After seven hours of drive, they finally got to Baoshan Hospital at 23:50. 

"It is quite lucky that the blood was sent timely. A few minutes ago, the patient’s condition was getting worse," said Yang Mingxi, a doctor in ICU. 

By Doris; Editor: Eric Wang

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