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Sun Ye: First Yunnan woman to stand on Everest

Updated:2017-07-17 09:31:10   english.yunnan.cn

The Nepal earthquake may have foiled her first Everest summit attempt in 2015, but it did not stop Ms Sun Ye from giving it a second try.

At around 4:00 pm Beijing time on May  17, Sun Ye, a climbing enthusiast from Kunming, stood on the summit of Qomolangma, or Mountain Everest as it is internationally known, becoming the first woman from China’s Yunnan Province to conquer the world's highest peak. Sun is also the first female climber to scale Everest from Base Camp South this year.

After conquering the 8,848m-high mountain, Sun said the “success of the expedition is once-in-a-lifetime experience” for her.

“It is a good thing that I did not give up on my dreams after the Nepal earthquake in 2015. only when you reach the peak, can you understand what the ancient Chinese poem‘Hold all mountains in a single glance’ means,” she added.  

Editor: Eric Wang

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