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Sidewalks on SW China's Longjiang River highway suspension bridge

Updated:2017-08-12 16:12:17   

Footpath built on Longjiang River Bridge's suspension cables for the purpose of construction and maintenance. (Photo/CGTN)

The Longjiang River is the most beautiful river in the city of Tengchong, southwest China's Yunnan Province. The river however, had long been an obstacle for people travelling to and from Tengchong for decades.

Seventy years ago, an old suspension bridge was the only connection between the river's eastern and western banks, and it served as an artery for transporting goods between China and Myanmar.

Although a concrete bridge was built, it still took 30 minutes' drive crossing the river along a mountain road. Now, the situation has completely changed in terms of commuting across the river.

A new modern suspension bridge with a 1,096-meter span reduces the driving time over the canyon to less than one minute.

Li Zhengrong is the deputy chief engineer of the Longjiang River Bridge.

"On this highway bridge, if without any sidewalks, local residents and tourists won't be able to get together or appreciate the view from the bridge. During the design period, we paid just as much attention to pedestrians' need as we did to vehicle traffic," said Li.

Not everyone thought that sidewalks on such a highway suspension bridge were necessary but Li insisted on the idea.

"We included sidewalks in the design so people can walk along the bridge and see their surroundings from a new angle. They can see how beautiful the area is. The design will boost the appreciation for their homes and make their lives better."

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