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A Date with black-headed seagulls in Kunming

Updated:2017-10-15 12:20:21   english.yunnan.cn

Towards the middle of each autumn, when the wind is blowing and the frosts are descending, migratory birds fly south for winter. Among them, thousands of black-headed gulls come from Siberia to Kunming, the "spring city". They are like snowy-winged angels mysteriously descending to the city.

Since 1985, local Kunming residents and tourists have coexisted harmoniously with the black-headed gulls. They come in close contact with each other by the Dianchi Lake and the Green Lake in Kunming each winter. Scenes of harmonious interaction between the birds and human have become icons of Kunming.

From October to March, black-headed gulls from Siberia arrive in Kunming punctually, adding a beautiful touch to the landscape of Kunming. The Haigeng Dam, in southwest of Kunming and by the Dianchi Lake, is adjacent to the beautiful Haigeng Park. Flocks of gulls fly to Haigeng Dam foraging for food, making it one of the best locations for observing them. Intimate contact with these black-headed gulls makes one reminiscent of childhood fun. 

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