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Lincang wins title of National Forest City

Updated:2017-10-17 18:30:44   english.yunnan.cn

Recently, Lincang was listed as National Forest City during the 2017 Forest City Building Conference, together with other 18 Chinese cities.

During this year's conference, Lincang is the only city in Yunnan, which wins the title of National Forest City. Located in southwest Yunnan, Lincang boasts abundant natural resources and good ecological environment.

For years, Lincang has made tremendous efforts in conservation of ecological environment. By 2016, 67.5% of Lincang is covered with forests. And in cities and towns of Lincang, the forest coverage rate is 34.85%. 

Good ecological environment brings Lincang many fames. For example, because it is cool in summer and warm in summer, Lingcang is dubbed as China's Summer Resort Destination.

With Lincang winning the title, the number of National Forest City in Yunnan increases to three. And the other two are Kunming and Pu'er. 

Editor: Eric Wang

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