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Jumping down from the world’s highest bridge

Updated:2017-10-22 13:54:03   english.yunnan.cn

What is the feeling of jumping down from a 565-meter-high bridge? A few days ago, Mr. Duan Shujun, a famous extreme sports enthusiast from Yunnan, jumps down from the world’s highest 

Beipanjiang Bridge, together with his other two female team members. 

“My mind was a blank and I felt sleepy when jumping down,” said Duan. They did a lot of preparations before jumping. “The bridge is located in a cold mountain area. At the beginning, it is foggy and we have to wait the fog to clear.”

The Beipanjiang Bridge is located in the juncture area of Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces. It is as high as a building of 200 storeys. For challengers, the bridge is an ideal place for extreme sports.
The trio jump by Duan and his two female team members is the first of its kind in the world. (Photo source: Public Wechat Account Yunbao Tourism)  

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