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Hong Kong classic cars to descend on Yunnan in late November

Updated:2017-11-14 19:11:16   english.yunnan.cn

The 2017 Hong Kong Antique-Car Driving Tour in Yunnan will be organized in northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City and Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture from November 21 to 27, according to the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of Yunnan Province.

The Yunnan office joined hands with the Hong Kong-based Xinhua Finance Agency to host the event, as one of the province’s actions celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.

The driving tour is also organized as a follow-up activity of Yunnan’s promotion at Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing earlier this year in February.

During this event, Yunnan locals will have the chance to catch sight of such classic cars as the 1980 Rolls-Royce, the 1963 Jaguar S-Type, the 1950 MG and the 1965 Mercedes-Benz 230 from Hong Kong.

Business activities and cultural exchanges will be concurrently held to facilitate Yunnan-Hong Kong communication in varied fields.

Chinese reporting by Jason Zhang; trans-editing by Eric Wang

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