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Yunnan security company opens office in Laos

Updated:2017-12-31 16:29:22   english.yunnan.cn

The Yunnan Jindun Security Group opened a branch office in Vientiane, capital of the Lao PDR on December 22.

"So far Chinese businessmen have set up more than 30,000 companies outside China," said Lu Jinjing, executive chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development between Yunnan and Southeast & South Asia.

Lu added security makes a top concern for many companies when it comes to conducting business overseas. 

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises have been going global to participate in overseas investment and projects.

Established in 2010, the Yunnan Jindun Security Group is providing security service to around 1,200 clients, with its business stations scattering across the province.

Now, China has 14 security companies that have overseas presence. Among security companies in southwest China, the Yunnan company takes the lead to explore the Lao market.

Source: Yunnan Net(Chen Baiyu)  

Editor: Eric Wang