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Yunnan University holds 1st ASEAN culture festival

Updated:2017-04-14 20:09:02   yunnangateway.com

This morning, the Chenggong new campus of Yunnan University was packed. In front of the Ziyuan canteen, clouds of beautiful girls were moving to and fro, with yummy foods on display. So what happened?

ASEAN Fashion Show

Myanmar preserves its traditional culture very well, including the costume. There, both men and women wear a sarong below their waists. Although showing a little gender different, all sarongs are of bright colors.


Many Chinese people take the Ao Dai as the Vietnamese cheongsam. An Ao Dai suit consists of a long gown and a pair of horn pants. When female wearers walk, the gown will float in the air, highlighting elegant bodily curves of women.

Thai people love red and yellow, so most Thai garments are of bright colors. Men also wear sarongs, with their legs and waists wrapped by the clothing. Thai women's clothing shows great variety, but most of them wear tube skirts.

Trying ASEAN Food

The fried spring roll is a very common snack in Vietnam. The snack is made of rice, with the pork, mushroom, vermicelli and fungus wrapped in it. When fried to be yellow, it is crisp and very delicious.

The Tom Yum Goong is a very common but distinctive Thai soup which is hot and sour. The ingredients include the lemon leave, citronella, fish sauce, coconut milk, tomato, onion, shrimp and others.

The green papaya salad is a unique Thai snack, and it is a little crisp and bittersweet. Similar to pounding the Chinese medicine, the ingredients, including the slim papaya strip, hot pepper, small tomato, cowpea and fish sauce, are put into the pot and smashed into a mixture.

The Myanmar watermelon is an anti-seasonal fruit, usually sold in the market from November to next May. A From Myanmar watermelon travels from the Sino-Myanmar border town of Wanding to Yunnan’s provincial capital of Kunming within two or three days. Each day, around 60 tons of Myanmar watermelon is carried into Kunming. 

Myanmar Handicraft on Display

The rattan ball 

The yellow and incense chinaberry powder 

The curved harp

Actually, all the wonderful things above were displayed at the 1st ASEAN culture festival this morning, which was held by the School of Foreign Languages, Yunnan University. The culture event will be followed by a variety show and the 5th Yunnan provincial ASEAN languages speech contest tomorrow. If interested, please follow us or just go there. 

Reporters: Zhai Xinran, Mu Xu and Li Tao
Translator: Eric Wang

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