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Yunnan Hani Long Street Feast: An eye opener

Updated:2017-07-10 08:52:06   english.yunnan.cn

Twenty-six ethnic groups are living in Yunnan. Their colorful customs add to the variety and richness of Yunnan culture. Today we introduce Hani ethnic group to you.

The Hani people mainly live in compact communities in the Ailao Mountains along the Honghe River in south Yunnan. 

They are creative in making use of the mountain slopes and have established an astonishing culture based on the terraced fields which they have tilled for thousands of hours years.Traditionally, Hani people hold feasts along the longest street in their villages on wedding occasions or during the New Year. 

Families of every village move their dinner tables to the street, forming together a long table . When dinner time comes, the young and the old, male and female, all sit down at the table to enjoy the food and drink to the health of each other. 

The centuries-old Long Street Feast has highlighted the paddy-field agriculture.

Editor: Eric Wang

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