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Kunming holds culture festival to honor navigator Zheng He

Updated:2017-07-11 16:53:19   english.yunnan.cn

The 2017 China Kunming Zheng He International Cultural Tourism Festival was declared open in Jinning of Kunming City, capital of Yunnan Province on July 11.

With the theme of “Setting Sail and Passing on Zheng He’s Spirit,” the festival aims to help build Jinning into an international health tourism destination for South and Southeast Asia and a Zheng He cultural attraction. Zheng He’s spirit means daring to be the first that exhibits great dedication, good neighbourliness and inclusiveness. 

Zheng He (1371-1433), born in Jinning, was a navigator and diplomat during the Ming Dynasty. He captained a fleet on seven diplomatic missions to the Red Sea and Africa via Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. He visited more than 30 countries and regions in Asia and Africa, sowing the seeds of friendship and enhancing China’s international relations.

Editor: Eric Wang

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