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Yi embroidery conveys ethnic culture to the world

Updated:2017-07-17 08:50:40   english.yunnan.cn

Over the past eleven years, Jin Yongshu has grown from an unworldly Yi girl into the chairman of Chuxiong Yi Commune National Culture Development Company.

“Behind every piece of embroidery is a skillful young woman.” Since Jin Yongshu was 25 years old, she has been walking through each village in central Yunnan's Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, looking for ladies doing local hand-made embroidery.

In her opinion, through each embroidery stitch, the traditional embroidery style of Yi ethnic group is demonstrated in its original essence, displaying Yi culture.

“The Tiger pattern is the historical pattern of the Yi and the most representative of the ethnic culture. The most traditional and modern elements must be put together,” said Jin Yongshu holding a tiger patterned straw bag in her hand. “Ethnic plus popular elements brings a top brand. I see vitality when fashion is integrated with traditional Yi embroidery.”

Behind the Yi Commune is a spectacular production line formed by a large group of Yi ladies. Jin Yongshu said that last year her company's output value was 1.8 million US dollars, of which more than half was paid to the embroiderers.

Now, over 400 embroiderers are on fixed contracts of cooperation and 6,000 ladies from Chuxiong and its surrounding areas are engaged in embroidery making.

Having embroidery products exhibited several times in foreign countries, Jin Yongshu said “foreigners not only like our embroidery products but the stories behind them. We mustn’t lose our own culture.”(Yan Jiafen)

Editor: Eric Wang

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