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Have a Lusheng dance with Miao people in Yunnan

Updated:2017-07-17 17:36:06   english.yunnan.cn

Twenty-six ethnic groups are living in Yunnan. The different ethnic groups and their colorful customs add to the variety and richness of Yunnan culture. Today we'll meet the Miao ethnic group.

Mainly distributed in the east and south of Yunnan, the Miao people are a musical ethnic group. Without written system, they pass on their history and culture by an oral language. 

They make well known handicrafts such as embroidery and wax printing. The Miao women love silver ornaments as they believe that silver has a magic power to keep them away from evils.

The Miaos love to dance with the instrument Lusheng which is made of six reeds of different lengths fixed in a wooden base. Nearly every village has a wind orchestra and a performing place.

Lusheng is also played on important ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

Editor: Eric Wang

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