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Dongba successor devotes himself to spreading of his ethnic culture

Updated:2017-08-21 17:15:23   english.yunnan.cn

It is the beginning of autumn season. In Jinxiu Art Garden of Yulong Naxi Autonomous County Baisha Town, He Zhengwen, a Dongba culture successor, is copying Dongba scriptures.

The 42-year-old He Zhengwen is from Mingyin Village of Yulong County. His grandpa is the 22nd generation Dongba successor of the family and used to work for Dongba Culture Institute on scriptures translation.

“My systematic study of Dongba culture was in 1999,” said He. To inherit Dongba culture, seven people were selected from the original Dongba decedent in Lijiang to systematically study the culture in Dongba Culture Institute. During three years, with the guidance of the teachers, He learned Dongba scriptures, Dongba drawings, the ritual of sacrifice and others.

After his graduation in 2002, He Wenzhen worked for Lijiang City Museum and Yushuizhai Village to explain Dongba culture for tourists. He devoted himself wholeheartedly to Dongba cultural heritage but gradually found out that the explanation can only let people know a little bit of the culture. He quitted his job resolutely and went back to his hometown. He worked in the field the same time looked for apprentices who love Dongba culture. 

Later, he heard that some foreign tourists like to stay in Baisha Old Town and they are interested in Dongba culture. That gave him an idea of letting foreign friends to learn about Dongba culture so as to promote young people to learn the culture. Consequently, he came to Jinxiu Art Garden and got a job of explaining Dongba culture.

“Every day I explain Dongba culture for at least three foreigners and sometimes as many as ten,” said He Wenzhen. He gives them hand copied scriptures as gifts. The purpose of doing this is to let Dongba culture to go to the world and let the whole world know Dongba. (He Qian) 

Editor: Eric Wang

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