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Music festival held for "Chinese Bridge" participants in Kunming

Updated:2017-10-22 15:50:56   english.yunnan.cn

On the evening of October 21, a music festival was held on Chenggong Campus of Yunnan Normal University. 

As part of the "Chinese Bridge"-Chinese proficiency competition for foreign secondary school students, the event is the first campus international music festival held in Yunnan. 

The festival sees participations of both Chinese students and foreign students from Germany, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands and Turkey. They performed 13 programs for the audience.

“It is my honor to perform for friends from all over the world," An Miaoran who is from the Australia's Fourth Band. She said the "Chinese Bridge" is not only a stage for learning Chinese language, but also a platform for cultural exchange and heart-to-heart communication. 

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